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Big D’s BBQ offer you an unique opportunity to experience real old time barbecue  If you ask someone what barbecue means in Carolina they will say “Pig” cooked low & slow, if you ask a Texan they will say “Brisket” cooked low & slow. Luckily we cook both extremely well.

We cater for all sizes of parties starting from 30 people finishing at 500+ people. Our menu’s below is an example of what we can offer but we can cater to all requirements including vegetarian options.

BBQ Menu’s

Mixed BBQ Menu

Grilled BBQ Menu

Smoked BBQ Menu

American BBQ Menu

Traditional BBQ Menu

Pulled Pork BBQ Menu

We also have Winter Menus here


Sauces & Dry rubs

All our menu comes with homemade sauces from basic homemade apple sauce to kick ass mouth watering chilli sauces or if you just like a nice sweet bbq sauce this can be supplied to. We also offer traditional vingear sauces from the depth south of America. Various options can be catered for and will be discussed when placing your order.

All our low and slow menu meats start with a rub, this is part of the unique flavour we achieve in our cooking process. depending on taste we can keep this basic by simply adding flavour or spice it up to add a unique heat!

Vegeterian Menu

It is fare to say Veggie’s are not normally catered for at barbeques but we try to provide something more interesting than a baked potato.

A more in depth menu of the food we can cook can be found here. BBQ menu we are adding to it all the time so feel free to get in touch if you think we are missing something!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


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