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About Big D's bbq Catering

Been cooking low & slow for years and find nothing more rewarding than to light the bbq smoker and through on a Brisket. Love catering for large groups of people and spreading the word of the dark arts of old time bbq.

Wild Garlic Pesto

As a Chef I take inspiration for food from all over such as other brilliant Chefs or food blogs.

But more often than not the inspiration comes from one thing, a place such as the Canary islands was one this week as I made Canary Island mojo sauce. But it could be anything nearly, a person or a ingredient maybe.

Because we are not working at the moment due to the lovely Covid 19 it has enabled me to cook at home and my Facebook page is full of lock down cooking.

People who know me, know I am passionate about Human Rights and I follow the legendary Human Rights lawyer Clive Stafford Smith on Twitter, founder of @reprieve. See my other blog post why and this will explain why we give to the charity Appeal, we also include Appeal in our logo design on our clothing. 

Anyway I saw Clive had made some wild garlic pesto and served it on toast with cheese. Fancy cheese on toast, which then sparked a memory of Austin my friend and Chef collecting wild garlic which we used to make wild garlic sausage last spring.

But I wanted to make pesto, something I have not done in more years that I care to remember and I didn’t have any wild garlic. I knocked up some basil pesto and loved it, quickly followed by some mixed herb and I finally made Canary Island mojo sauce which was 5 years late in the making.

As we are in lock down I went on my daily walk and went where I thought I might find wild garlic and bingo it was there.

On my return home I had a quick twitter conversation  with the legend that is Clive Stafford Smith I came up with this recipe. I can honestly say it rocked and was well worth the effort.

The creation was wild garlic pesto, halloumi cheese, grilled veg tacos with Tzatziki dressing.

The dish consisted of

Wholemeal tacos/flatbread

Grilled onions, peppers and courgette

Pit cooked roasted sweet potato

Grilled halloumi

Wild garlic pesto

Tzatziki dressing

I part cooked for speed the sweet potato in the oven then finished it off in the coals of the grill, this takes it to a different level and adds a smokiness you would not get. I made the tacos and these were grilled on the BBQ.

The veggie kebabs were slowly cooked to start and when softening finished on the high heat side. The dressing and pesto was made so it was just a case of grilling the halloumi and we were done.

Simply add the different veg to the taco, dress in Pesto and Tzatziki and eat.

This dish was full of flavour and tasted great, it had smokiness, sweetness and a earthiness taste you just cannot buy from a shop.

It’s that good it might get added to a menu 🙂

Taco making
Sweet potato cooking
Finished taco 🙂
Smokey sweet potato and taco
Grilled veggie kebab




Big Ds BBQ choosen Charity

We thought we would share with you why we support Appeal our choosen Charity.

To understand why you need to go back 32 years ago to a documentary called “14 days in May” which followed the last 14 days of Edward Earl Johnsons life on deathrow in the USA.

Damon as a young 14 year old could not believe he was executed. Turned out Edward was innocent and wrongfully convicted. Edward’s lawyer later tracked down the real killer and interviewed him.

Years later Damon looked up on Twitter the lawyer who represented Edward in his last few weeks alive.

Clive Stafford Smith had set up and was now running @reprieve a charity that works around the world and represents many people facing death or just the wrongfully convicted aswell as rescuing innocent kids from Seria who have been kidnapped. Clive is a real superhero.

After Clive kindly exchanged tweets about Edward and the film “14 days in May” Damon noticed Clive was helping to promote the charity Appeal.

At the time they were looking for a venue to hold an event called “Bound by injustice” which was a weekend event that brought all the families from the 20+ cases together to help support them and deal with the fact that there loved ones have been wrongfully convicted.

Big Ds BBQ offered to host the event through a wedding venue they new in the Northeast of England. This though added costs and logistically wasn’t good.

We offered to pay for a venue that was more practical than what we were offering and the relationship was born.

After taking the time to do some due diligence and research the charity further Damon & Lindsay the owners of Big D’s BBQ felt it ticked all the boxes as a charity they wanted to support. They learned about the cases, researched the issues Appeal were trying to tackle and felt it was worthy of there company support.

We now aim to donate a significant amount of money each year. But we are still a small donor compared to some. The charity in our view runs a extremely tight ship when it comes to finances and operates on a modest budget. Without doubt all the staff could demand greater wages in the private sector and do it for the right reasons.

Recently Damon & Lindsay took the timeout to visit the charity in london and show some support to all the team. It was an excellent visit and they learned so much more about the charity and what great work they do, how they are funded and what the goals are for the future.

You can read about some of the cases here Appeal. Unfortunately our legal system is far from perfect and the innocent do get sent to prison fact. What we do not have is a good system to correct these mistakes. Hence we need a Charity like Appeal fighting for the people that have suffered from a miscarriage of justice.

We strongly encourage anyone interested in things like Making a Murderer or The Staircase documentary series currently on netflix to watch “14 days in May” this is widely available on youtube.

We also would encourage anyone looking for a small charity that has the ability to make a massive difference to think about supporting Appeal

As a company we will continue to support Redcar Mind, Angie Tripps memorial golf tournament, Redcar Fostering service, Reprieve along with Appeal which Damon & Lindsay have personal reasons for supporting.

What to do with Banana Chilli Chutney

Not quite sure where to start with this post as it involves twitter, nice genuine people, BBQ, Chutney and a great tea for my 7th Wedding Anniversary.

I guess at the beginning, as a fairly new business online we are trying to build up a following on Facebook & Twitter, this is not only to generate sales, but also to communicate with people who are interested in old style authentic american bbq, whether this be customers, suppliers, friends or even other fellow Pit Masters.

After chatting to and following @GallowayChilli on twitter I followed @PerthshirePrese and quickly realised I was their 1000th follower, feeling quite good with myself for some strange reason as I did not even know them I carried on tweeting, then I noticed Perthshire Preserves tweeted that they were chuffed to have 1000 followers. A quick cheeky tweet saying I was their 1000th follower and required payment got a response, send me your address, pick a chutney of our website and it will be posted first thing in the morning.

Needles to say I refused and said the banter on twitter was enough but their was no getting out of it a free chutney was coming my way. After some more tweets and emails a Banana Chilli Chutney was on route the next day. Having met two genuinely nice people in Galloway Chillies & Perthshire Preserves I now had to come up with a BBQ dish that used Banana Chilli Chutney, the first thoughts were Caribbean, then I thought of what authentic american BBQ dish could it go with? In the end the answer was simple, I wanted to make the Chutney the star of the dish so I quickly nipped to the Butchers and got some chicken breast and bacon.

The Reason for this is chicken, bacon and cheese are standard foods on the American BBQ and I wanted to put a different twist on it. So the Chicken, Bacon wrap stuffed with Banana Chilli Chutney and Cheese was born! This was smoked lightly using apple wood chips and cooked over a pan of apple cider to add a smokey sweetness to the bacon. As its the week after Christmas this was served with a simple salad to ensure we were all sticking to the traditional post Christmas diet. The result was excellent, the bacon had just enough smoke, the chicken was tender and sliced like butter and the Banana Chutney gave the dish something special.

As my mother said when tasting it, that could have been served in a restaurant, the question is which one? BBQ, Caribbean, Chicken, British/Scottish pub? Mother did say it needed chips to be on a menu at which point she got packed off back to her bungalow, she should have stopped while she was ahead!

Anyway this is what I did with one of the best Chutney’s I have tasted. Smoked Chicken, wrapped in Bacon, stuffed with Cheese and Banana Chilli Chutney.


What a nice thing to do to post a Chutney for being 1000th twitter follower


Applying the Banana Chutney to a flattened Chicken Breast


Applying the Cheese! its cheddar as I love Cheddar!


Wrapped and ready to go on the BBQ and held together with cocktail sticks


Early days on the Weber Q220 gas BBQ, the foil has the Apple wood chips in.


Starting to see that Apple wood smoke in the Bacon and the Cider is keeping it moist.


Looking good, that cheese and chutney is peaking out!


Apple wood chips smoldering away nicely to add that sweet smoked BBQ flavor.


Looks great and tasted great.